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>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hi Readers, Welcome to Active Directory Section today we will focus some most often asked question on AD.
Question:- What is Active Directory?
Ans:- AD is a hierarchical database. Its directory services that stores information about network resources and make available these resources accessible to users and computers. It gives the centralized management, control and organize of resource accessing. AD is a collection of objects and objects include users,group, computers, printers etc.
Question:- What is SYSVOl Contains?
Ans: SYSVOL folder contains public information of the domain and information for replication. Group policy objects and scripts can be found in this folder.
Question:- What is Garbage collection?
Ans:- Garbage collection is online defragmentation of AD. It happens in every 12 hrs.
Question 3-What are different types of group policies?
Ans:- I don't think there are types of Group Policy.
Question 4- What is order of applying Group Policy?
Ans: Local Police, site policy, site policy, OU policy.
Question 5- What is disk quota?
Question 6- What is AD database search engine name?
Ans- ESE(Extensible Storage engine).
Question 7- What are the partitions available in the the AD?
Ans- 1-Schema Partition 2- Application Partition 3-configuration Partition 4-Domain Partition.


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